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Dilma Rousseff: the Dancehall President?

DJ Dilma at work

DJ President Rousseff shows Tears for Queers her fun side with incredible, filthy Ladies of Dancehall playlist. Click here to hear Dilma’s Dirty Divas.

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has stunned world leaders and Jamaican music fans alike by releasing a mixtape of lady-led dancehall floor fillers. Until now Dilma had been more famous for her economics than her passion for dancehall divas with strident views on a woman’s right to receive oral sex. But it was while serving time in prison for revolutionary conspiracies against Brazil’s loathed military dictatorship that a young Dilma fell in love with dancehall.

The mixtape brought a huge boost to Dilma’s poll numbers, provoking other leaders to try and prove their credentials in the race for the title ‘World’s Flyest National Leader’. An impromptu skiffle performance by David Cameron fell flat after he misread the mood in a recent European Council meeting.

Dilma’s playlist has been released in partnership with international DJ sensations, Tears for Queers. Tears for Queers will be dropping some of Dilma’s nastiest selections alongside some wholly uncomplimentary pop tunes this Friday at the George and Dragon in Hackney, East London.

Dilma’s Dancehall Divas playlist in full:

Tears for Queers play, soaked in gin, first Friday of the month every month in the George and Dragon for free from 8ish to 12ish