Ugandan MP calls for Eurovision viewers to be force-fed windmachines

Tears for Queers Eurovision Scorecard 2011

Rice and Carola: pop lovers and wind machines have inalienable rights.

Tears for Queers are leading global opposition to the latest legislative outrage targeting homos and lovers of low brow pop in Uganda . The “Bill to Stop Anal Intrusion through Transcontinental Good Evening Europe Music Bumfest” calls for any Ugandans caught watching Eurovision to be force fed a wind machine. Wind machines are a key feature in around 84% of all performances in the famous song contest.

Local groups in Uganda bravely led opposition to the proposed legislation. Their campaign reached an international audience this week though as global party sensation Tears for Queers brought together a powerful coalition of world leaders and Eurovision legends to fight the Bill.

Condoleezza Rice made a long awaited return to the political arena to stand alongside Carola, winner of the contest for Sweden in 1991. In a joint statement on the steps of the UN headquarters in New York, the formidable pair called on Ugandans to reject the Bill, citing “the inalienable rights of pop lovers and wind machines to celebrate Eurovision in peace”.

Sandra Kim and Nancy Reagan appeared on the The Gayle King show.

In a separate event, Sandra Kim, the 1986 winner, appeared on the Gayle King show with Nancy Reagan.

To encourage peaceful defiance of the Bill, Tears for Queers have published their annual scorecard which can be downloaded for free. They are encouraging as many people as possible to download the scorecard and revel in Eurovision’s unique magic unbowed by fear, ridicule or oppression. Eurovision takes place this Saturday, 14 May.

Tears for Queers Eurovision Scorecard 2011


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