Tears for Queers release Heartache Playlist

TfQ Heartache

To satisfy a particularly wet, grey Friday and to commemorate the 47th birthday of rave Queen Rozalla, Tears for Queers have unleashed a bespoke Heartache playlist.

Embodying Tears for Queers’ trademark inclusiveness by spanning everyone from Billie Holiday to Zola Jesus, the list moves away from their renowned party hits.  Instead, it gives a glimmer of insight in to what the short-wearing polymaths might listen to when they take an oh-so-rare break from simultaneously invigorating global euphoria and the fight against malaria.

You need Spotify but its free and wonderful so sign on up:

TfQ Heartache


One response to “Tears for Queers release Heartache Playlist

  1. Spotify is a wonderful force for good in the heartache field. Sadly the following classics of misery were unavailable…

    Wicked Game – Chris Isaak

    Nothing Compares to You – Jimmy Scott.

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