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Tears for Queers back this Friday – a nation holds its breath

Rumours of Tears for Queers latest tattoo are unconfirmed

Fresh from building 13 primary schools in the mad heart of the Amazon jungle while also inventing a whole new flavour of muffin, Tears for Queers return home this Friday.

All are welcome to join this loving musical extravanganza in trademark shorts and vests from 8ish in legendary London homo-hotspot The George & Dragon, 2 Hackney Road.  Dance ’till the sweat hurts you eyes and the euphoria warms your heart.  The best things in life are free (with the exception of the beer).


Summer starts here

Panic spread through London this morning after a giant, burning ball of fire was spotted in an alarmingly blue sky.  Following official reassurance from Tears for Queers that this soaring, opiate orb was the Sun, Londoners have scampered squinting in to its joyous light.  There are unconfirmed reports of vests and shorts in parks across the city.

In celebration of this resurrection, here is a bone fide summer anthem, Bar-be-que by wonderous Wendy Rene.  ¡Olé!

Tears for Queers release Heartache Playlist

TfQ Heartache

To satisfy a particularly wet, grey Friday and to commemorate the 47th birthday of rave Queen Rozalla, Tears for Queers have unleashed a bespoke Heartache playlist.

Embodying Tears for Queers’ trademark inclusiveness by spanning everyone from Billie Holiday to Zola Jesus, the list moves away from their renowned party hits.  Instead, it gives a glimmer of insight in to what the short-wearing polymaths might listen to when they take an oh-so-rare break from simultaneously invigorating global euphoria and the fight against malaria.

You need Spotify but its free and wonderful so sign on up:

TfQ Heartache

Tears for Queers Break Record for Most Bars Danced On to Bonnie Tyler

Donatella Rettore - not a morning person

Last night, Tears for Queers become the first DJ sensation to dance on the bar to Bonnie Tyler across all 6 continents and once on the moon.

To celebrate this auspicious day here is a slice of glorious Italian pop.  Baa ba ba ba ba da, ba ba ba ba badaaa…

Tears for Queers, this Saturday at The George & Dragon. ¡Olé!


Rossy sends love to Tears for Queers

¡Olé! indeed.  Yes, fresh from completing pioneering research on a malaria vaccine and a new kind of donut filling, Tears for Queers will make a rare Saturday night appearance at The George & Dragon this week. Come on down and shag some ass on the dancefloor to our trademark blend of foot-stomping 60’s soul, sexually ambiguous disco, 80’s dance, heart wrenching power ballads and girls with guitars. 8pm to midnightish, 2-4 Hackney Road, E2 7NS.

To celebrate this rare Saturday foray, here is a wonderful cover of one of our favourite songs by a Spanish narcoleptic transvestite, who lives with a dwarf, and works the streets to finally realise her dream of leaving her 20cm cock behind with the world’s greatest gender reassignment surgeon, Ms Rossy Di Palma.  I Want to Break Free by Monica Cervera:


Hat or Hair? With Patti Labelle.


Hat or Hair? Patti as a chess piece

Hat or Hair? Patti goes Zen.

Today Tears for Queers invites you to play Hat or Hair with one of our favourite all time superstar legends, a women who not only owns a potent singing talent but also a range of marinades and hot sauces: the supreme Ms Patti Labelle.

Below we present a series of Patti’s greatest hat/hair mash ups. There is also a video to showcase her phenomenal voice (after the greatest all star gospel build up ever) and a startling example of her unique head-based mix up in all its thrusting pomp. Having reviewed the evidence, please solve th interminable riddle which has baffled scientists and hairdressers for over 25 years: hat or hair?

Hat or Hair? Is the whole dress made of hair?










Hat or Hair live!

So, can you solve the riddle which had even the combined talents of Stephen Hawking and Gok Wan stumped on a recent romantic caribbean mini-break?

Tears for Queers surprise DJ sensation at the George, Sat 12 May

Tears for Queers will be parachuting in to the George and Dragon unexpectedly this Saturday to solve a DJ emergency.  Come shag ass with us from 8pm-midnightish, 2-4 Hackney Road, London.

It’s only one week since our last euphoric appearance but well, sometimes, seven days is too long without you, baby.